The 5 Absolute “Must Haves” to Securely
Move to Cloud-based Email Systems

Paul Simmonds
Former CISO at AstraZeneca and ICI
  Kevin Bocek
VP of Marketing, CipherCloud,
and published author

Organizations are saving millions by moving to cloud-based email services such as Gmail and Office365. However, it isn’t a no-brainer decision—there’s a whole new set of considerations you need to address. So, what does every professional need to know?

Join Paul Simmonds, former CISO at AstraZeneca and ICI, and email security expert and published author Kevin Bocek as they outline:

  • Which business and security challenges warrant the most attention
  • How organizations are taking different approaches to addressing data security, privacy, and compliance concerns
  • What are the key issues with BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices)
  • The 5 “must-haves” every organization needs before migrating to cloud-based email solutions

You’ll also see a 3-minute live demo of new email encryption technologies for Gmail and Office 365. If your organization is considering moving email to the cloud, you won’t want to miss this webcast!

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