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Fully Protect Your Customer Information in Salesforce Without Comprising Usability or Performance
You know the many advantages of Salesforce.com but have concerns about the protection of your sensitive customer information. How can you ensure you’re adequately securing your information? What are your options?
Learn how to:
  Fully protect your information in Salesforce.com with no impact to adoption, usability or functionality 
  Address data privacy, data residency, security and regulatory compliance concerns 
  Accelerate your Salesforce.com adoption 
Speaker Bios:
Allen Pogorzelski is a leader in securing the cloud for Global 1000 companies. As a recognized cloud security evangelist and thought leader, his articles and presentations on cloud security, encryption, and tokenization are often seen in business blogs, security events, and webcasts.
Carol Feigenbaum, an advocate of Cloud Information Protection, aspires to ensure that organizations can fully maximize their use of the cloud while protecting their assets. She has over 20 years of experience in CRM, cloud applications and platforms, software development and real-time data management.