Global Cloud Data Security Report

The Authority on How to Protect Data in the Cloud

Organizations across the globe have stated that the primary inhibitor for adopting the cloud is protecting sensitive information. Research has shown that whether your organization is in a mature or emerging industry with respect to their cloud journey, the protection of sensitive data poses significant challenges that have to be addressed. CipherCloud has compiled the first comprehensive Cloud Data Protection report that provides global insights and best practices on how to address the challenges.

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Key findings of this report include:

  • 47% of the compelling events to adopt the cloud were related to new cloud tools and services
  • 64% of the cloud security challenges faced were in the areas of audit, compliance and privacy regulations
  • 63% of the global users who implemented a CipherCloud platform were Finance and Healthcare organizations
  • 31% of data fields were classified by Governments as business sensitive, of which 53% were protected using encryption methods

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