Guide to Cloud Data Protection

Cloud Security Options, Certifications & Best Practices for Compliance

As organizations move business-critical applications from legacy on-premises systems to the cloud they need to carefully consider how they approach data protection. Any data protection solution needs to be effective and practical, balancing compliance, application functionality, and implementation cost and overhead.

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CipherCloud helps to address these needs with a comprehensive cloud data protection platform that provides granular, field-level control over encryption and tokenization for sensitive data residing in cloud applications.

This guide provides an overview of the CipherCloud Platform, and a detailed analysis of the wide range of encryption and tokenization options supported by CipherCloud. The paper also covers:

  • Factors that organizations need to consider when assessing and deploying security for varying types of cloud data and applications
  • Information on third-party certification and validation that CipherCloud has undergone for its standards-based platform and security modules
  • Guidance on how to choose and apply CipherCloud’s security options to comply with major data protection regulations

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