[Webinar] Balancing Financial Cybersecurity with Cloud Adoption

Data Protection Best Practices for Financial Services

Rapid adoption of the cloud highlights a central dilemma for the financial services industry – how to take advantage of the latest technology, while complying with changing cybersecurity laws, and avoiding costly data breaches. Cloud-based solutions promise greater efficiency while dramatically reducing costs, but at the same time new cybersecurity laws, GLBA, PCI and privacy laws in 47 states, threaten fines, liability, and damaging public notification for data breaches.

Financial and security experts discuss how to balance cloud adoption and compliance, as well as best practices for data protection.


Topics covered will include:

  • The recently enacted New York cybersecurity law for financial services, that raises the bar for security and compliance
  • Best practices for identifying and adequately protecting sensitive information in cloud applications
  • Case studies of financial services organizations that are adopting the cloud with added security controls

Webinar Speakers


Bob West

Managing Director
CareWorks Tech

Bob West is a senior executive experienced in leading large enterprises and startups in IT security and financial services. He has held leadership and advisory roles with numerous technology startups including CareWorks Tech, CipherCloud, Echelon One, and the Global Identity Foundation. Bob was also the CISO at Fifth Third Bank, and held senior positions at Bank One, Citigroup, and Ernst & Young.


Willy Leichter

VP, Cloud Security

Willy Leichter has over 20 years of experience helping Global 1000 companies meet security and compliance challenges. He has expertise in cloud platforms, global data privacy laws, network security, data loss prevention, and access control, and has led product and marketing teams in the US and Europe.