Learn the single most important provider policy when assessing cloud computing risks

Should you trust third-party cloud risk scores? What do they really mean?

Do you know exactly what to look for when assessing cloud computing risks? Accurately assessing the riskiness of cloud applications is critical to organizations so they can get ahead of ‘Shadow IT’ and hedge against business risks. With so much at stake organizations should understand exactly what a cloud risk score measures and how these ratings are created and validated.  Without a clear understanding of risk scoring approaches organizations can’t use these scores to prioritize initiatives for cloud information protection.

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Download this 5 minute technical note to learn:

  • Learn the single most important policy practice to look for when assessing the risks of cloud computing
  • One of the best ways to quickly gauge cloud providers’ security mindset 
  • 5 critical questions to ask about the hosting environment
  • Understand why relying solely on the cloud provider for risk information is a bad idea
  • Learn the three principles that should be the foundation of cloud application risk ratings
  • Review the risk categories that a complete cloud application risk score should include

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