[Webinar] Should You Encrypt Data Before it Goes to the Cloud?

Interactive discussion on balancing cloud adoption with security and regulatory compliance

Case Studies in Enterprise Cloud Data Protection and Compliance

We all use cloud applications and are adjusting to having sensitive business data outside of our direct visibility and control. But cloud providers are not immune to security issues, and having to trust outsiders with sensitive data often conflicts with legal compliance mandates.

Join security and enterprise integration experts for an interactive discussion of how businesses are balancing cloud adoption with security and regulatory compliance.


Topics include:

  • New regulatory drivers such as the New York cybersecurity law, and the upcoming GDPR
  • Real-world threats that target cloud applications and data
  • Critical differences between cloud provider “native” security and external encryption
  • Case studies in regulated industries including financial services and healthcare

Webinar Speakers

Fazal Sadikali2.jpg

Fazal Sadikali

Global Security Lead, Cloud First Practice


Willy Leichter

VP, Cloud Security