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Remote working gained a whole new meaning after COVID-19 defined a new normal. Most organizations had built an enterprise perimeter to ensure compliance, security, and data privacy. With remote working being the new normal, the perimeter is no longer defined. This brought in many unforeseen security challenges further aggravated by unmanaged devices, lack of visibility in the SaaS-mobile environment and lack of security awareness in end users while collaborating.

Gartner brings to you a research paper that deep dives into the challenges in the remote work environment and how these can be addressed. Some of the key findings from this research are:

  • Most organizations only have capacity and licenses to handle a small subset of users and are not prepared to enable all employees for remote work during critical events such as COVID-19.
  • Always-on VPNs are being used for all of a user’s connections and resource consumption, even when some users only need access to cloud-based applications and data.
  • Deployed technology is often out of date and missing required licenses to support the entire organization. Organizations frequently lack required bandwidth needed to support all users working remotely simultaneously.

Download this Gartner research paper to understand how the transition to a remote work setup can be made easily through accurate requirement gathering, decision trees for aid in selecting the appropriate solution and creation of relevant policies catered to the remote workspace