Enabling Cloud Access While Ensuring Security and Compliance

How to Evaluate CASB Solutions

In order to address these risks the Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) market has rapidly emerged with vendors providing a range of solutions to increase visibility, control and data protection for a broad set of cloud applications. CASBs function as security policy gatekeepers for data going to the cloud, automatically identifying various risks in real time and encrypting sensitive data to make it indecipherable to intruders. CASBs have become an essential security pillar as computing and data moves outside the enterprise, bypassing legacy tools like firewalls. The ideal CASB should enable cloud usage – not block it, and support a wide range of applications from any device, without affecting usability.

However, not all CASBs are the same and organizations need to make sure that the CASB they choose helps to meet their own particular needs.

In this webinar with KuppingerCole, you will hear about:

  • The cloud governance process needed to ensure compliant use of cloud services
  • How CASBs fit into and help with the cloud governance process
  • The range of CASB capabilities from cloud discovery, to actionable policy controls and data protection
  • The specific features that KuppingerCole believes a complete CASB should possess



David Berman

Senior Director


Mike Small

Distinguished Analyst