Navigating the Cloud and Data Privacy Minefield

Best Practices to Prepare for the GDPR and Protect Your Business from Risk

Shift happens! Are you ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

A good analogy for the challenges surrounding data privacy laws, cloud adoption, and compliance is a minefield – one misstep can lead to catastrophe. This minefield is the result of several converging forces – technical, political, and regulatory – that have combined to form a compliance nightmare.

The disruption caused by the invalidation of Safe Harbor and the significant changes brought by the GDPR raise the compliance bar. While organizations must stay abreast of these laws and actively prepare for the GDPR, they also need a broader data protection strategy that keeps them clear of these regulations without hampering business. This white paper will help you understand how the latest data privacy laws impact your business and adoption of cloud technology.

Key Leaders in risk management, information security, CISOs and business owners will:

  • Understand how the current environment came into being, including GDPR, Privacy Shield, and the demise of Safe Harbor
  • Gain expert insight into the future of data privacy compliance and ways to navigate this "minefield"
  • Know best practices for using the cloud while mitigating compliance risks, including technical and non-technical approaches