Demystifying Cloud Encryption: Industry Survey Results

How to effectively apply encryption to protect data in the cloud with Osterman Research

Encryption is a critical technology for all online business, yet it is often misunderstood and applied inconsistently. While most of us use encryption daily, IT professionals often have an incomplete understanding of how to effectively apply encryption to protect data in the cloud.

This interactive webinar with Osterman Research, reviews the results of a comprehensive survey on attitudes, understanding, and application of encryption by data owners and IT security implementers.  

Topics in the survey and webinar will include:

  • Broad concerns over security and compliance of sensitive business data in the cloud,
  • Anxiety over threats to cloud data such as account hijacking, API vulnerabilities, and forced government disclosure
  • Unclear ownership between data owners, IT, and security personnel around the responsibility and liability for data protection and compliance
  • Disconnects over where data is encrypted, who holds the keys, and who can potentially decrypt sensitive information.


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Michael Osterman

Osterman Research

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Willy Leichter

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