Understanding Global Data Protection Laws

A comprehensive look at privacy and compliance requirements in over 80 countries

Companies that have a global presence need to understand their risks and legal responsibilities across a wide range of data protection laws.

We live in an increasingly connected world where data is exchanged constantly. With this connectivity comes much greater risk, as well as demand for privacy and compliance requirements to protect sensitive data. As a result, hundreds of government agencies globally are enacting new laws, or strengthening existing ones, aimed at protecting their citizens.

Listen in and learn more about:

  • Key takaways on global security requirements for countries with strong restrictions

  • Understanding restrictions on transferring data across country boundaries

  • Best practices to prepare your company to understand the diverse data protection laws

Willy Leichter, CipherCloud

William Leichter has over 20 years of experience helping Global 1000 companies meet security and compliance challenges within their networks and in the cloud. Mr. Leichter leads CipherCloud’s efforts to evangelize new models for cloud security, and translate that into product requirements, and market positioning.

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